Save & Raise

Our Save & Raise scheme is a fantastic way to help you SAVE money on your motor expenses like MOTs and Services, while RAISING valuable funds for a school of your choice.

In 2016-17, 60% of local authority primary schools and two-thirds of secondaries spent more than their income. They were not being careless with taxpayers' money but were underfunded.

With government funding for schools reducing every year, the PTAs and 'Friends of the school' have an even more important role in supporting the school financially these days.

PTA UK, the organisation that supports PTAs across the country, states that PTAs already plough about £100 million pounds a year into schools through fundraising. However, this money is often no longer just for the ""nice to haves' but for essentials such as books, IT equipment and even in some cases, teaching assistants.

That's why we have started this unique Save & Raise scheme to help schools and other places of learning, raise more money. The scheme is totally free, everybody can become a member and every member can nominate a place of learning they would like to benefit from the scheme.

How does it work?

It's simple, once you have registered, you receive your Save & Raise welcome pack with your personal membership card. Every time we carry out a Service or MOT on your vehicle, you receive 10% discount on the cost of the MOT and/or Service and your school receives 10% of that amount from us. - That's it!

In addition, as a Save & Raise member, you can request a free courtesy car if required and receive helpful reminders when your car's service and MOT are due.

Does your household have more than one car? Great - you can register all cars and Save & Raise as much as you want!

Membership overview

  • 100% FREE membership
  • 10% discount for you on MOTs and Services
  • 10% paid to the school of your choice
  • FREE courtesy car
  • FREE MOT and Services reminders

Financial illustration*

If car MOT costs £45 - you save £4.50- amount to school £4.50

If car Service costs £250 - you save £25.00 - amount to school £25.00

If 100 people in your school took advantage of this scheme, your school would receive £2,950 FOR FREE!

Register today, it's FREE

To become a member of the Save & Raise scheme, all you need to do is complete this form and send it to us.

A welcome pack will be sent to you in the post, once your registration has been received. Please contact us should you require any further details or for a copy of our Terms and Conditions. Thank you for helping us supporting our schools.

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